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1.User Registration: Users must register and meet eligibility requirements.

2.Privacy Policy: User data is collected, used, and protected as outlined in our privacy policy.

3.User Responsibilities: Users are responsible for their actions on our platform.

4.Service Description: We provide bookkeeping and financial advisory services.

5.Payment Terms: Payment details, fees, and billing cycles are explained.

6.Account Security: Users must safeguard account credentials.

7.Intellectual Property: We retain ownership and rights to our content and IP.

8.User Content: Guidelines for user-generated content are provided.

9.Dispute Resolution: Disputes may be resolved through arbitration or mediation.

10.Termination of Accounts: We may terminate or suspend accounts under specified circumstances.

11.Liability and Indemnity: Limits on liability and user responsibilities in legal matters.

12.Amendments and Updates: We may modify terms and notify users of changes.

13.Governing Law: Jurisdiction and applicable laws are specified.

14.Contact Information: Contact details for inquiries and support are provided.

15.Severability: If one part is unenforceable, the rest of the agreement remains.

16.Entire Agreement: These terms constitute the entire agreement.

17.User Consent: Users acknowledge reading and agreeing to these terms.

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